While parents are the first and most influential teachers of a child, we hope here at St. Ann's to provide our CCD students a comfortable place to learn and grow in their faith.

St. Ann's CCD students attend classes Wednesdays during the academic school year according to our CCD schedule linked below.

Grades K-5th  3:30-5:00

Grades 6th-12th 7:00-8:00

Helping Form the Faith of Families

Have you tried Formed.org yet?  So many resources for both adults and kids! A new series for parents just released this January called The Catholic Parent. Check it out!! Just go to Formed.org, click sign up, select St. Ann as your parish, enter your email and you are set!

If you have a new student or an incoming kindergarten student, please fill out a registration form.  These forms can be picked up in the entry of the church or you can fill out the online form linked below.

Faith Formation at Home

Each grade is given a list of formal prayers to have memorized by the end of the year.  This is difficult to accomplish without help at home.  We would appreciate you helping your student(s) practice the prayers on their list. Click the "Prayers to Memorize" link above for the lists for each class!

Book Recommendations:

This book helps kids learn the Beatitudes through stories that put the different Beatitudes into action.

This storybook consists of different sections dedicated to different "heroes" of the Bible such as Noah, Moses, Jesus, and many others.  Children learn about these different people of the Bible while enjoying colorful pictures that a reminiscent of a comic book.  This has helped my kids remember many different people from the Bible that are maybe not the first to come to the mind of kids such as Samson and Phillip.