Ministry Schedule


St. Ann Ministry Schedule

 Saturday, November 30th 5:00PM

Altar Servers:  Tyson Kindle and Logan Peterson

            Lector:  Kaia Heilman

            Eucharistic Minister:  Renae Morog

            Gifts & Greeters: Volunteers

Ushers:  Volunteers

Sunday, December 1st 9:00AM

Altar Servers:  Olivia & William Resel

Lector:  Natalie Bertsch

Eucharistic Minister:  Mary Beranek 

Gifts & Greeters:  Todd and DeAnn Beckett  

Ushers:  Dwight Aymar and Joe Zeller         


      Saturday, December 7th 5:00PM  

Altar Servers:  Jake Gibson and Jorryn Heilman

                    Lector:  Tom Hamiel        

                    Eucharistic Minister:  Jean Hamiel

                    Gifts & Greeters:  Volunteers

Ushers:  Volunteers

 Sunday, December 8th 9:00AM

                  Altar Servers:  Joanlei and Joseph Baker

                    Lector:  Haley Coss

                    Eucharistic Minister: Sheila Coss

                    Gifts & Greeters:  Dave and Kim Joy-Nelson

                    Ushers:  Michael Hammill & Scott Oligmueller

Saturday, December 14th 5:00PM

                  Altar Servers:  Ally Gibson and Cora Peterson         

                    Lector:  Jeff Lakner                   

                    Eucharistic Minister:  Myrna Lakner

                    Gifts & Greeters:  Volunteers

                    Ushers:   Volunteers

 Sunday, December 15th 9:00AM        

                 Altar Servers:  Gabriella Naber and Gabriella Werdel

                    Lector:  Linda Beaner      

                    Eucharistic Minister:  Jane DeRoos                   

                    Gifts & Greeters:  Chris & Amy Howard Family       

                    Ushers: Michael Hammill & Scott Oligmueller


 Saturday, December 21st - 5:00PM

                              Altar Servers: Cole & Isaac McKinstry

                    Lector:  Theresa Lichty    

                    Eucharistic Minister:  Joe Fanning

                    Gifts & Greeters: Volunteers

                    Ushers:  Volunteers

Sunday, December 22nd – 9:00AM

                    Altar Servers:  Abby and Paige Boomsma      

Lector:  Diana Runge      

Eucharistic Minister:  Donna Runge

Gifts & Greeters:  Jill, Dana, and Tyler Wallace

Ushers: Michael Hammill & Scott Oligmueller

Tuesday, December 24th 4:00PM

                    VOLUNTEERS NEEDED                                                         

Wednesday, December 25th 9:00AM


Saturday, December 28th 5:00PM

Altar Servers: Autumn and Olivia Flor

          Lector:  Linda DeBoer     

          Eucharistic Minister:  Lori Peterka

          Gifts & Greeters: Volunteers

Ushers:  Volunteers

Sunday, December 29th 9:00AM

Altar Servers:  Isaac Hunter and Kellan Hurd

Lector:  Jonathon Hurd

Eucharistic Minister:  Rosemary McGough

Gifts & Greeters:  Dwight & Connie Aymar Family 

Ushers: Michael Hammill & Scott Oligmueller